Monkton Combe School, Bath

The Philosothon UK movement is so exciting! The opportunity for our students to learn to disagree well, to think critically, to be creative and collaborative about intellectual problem solving has the potential to be life changing. We have loved taking part in this competition – it has been a real highlight of the term for me here at Monkton. Thank you to Mark Smith and all of the team for organising it.

Esther Youlten Director of Strategic Partnerships and Head of Theology, Philosophy & Ethics Monkton Combe School, Bath

Graveney School

Our students loved being involved in the Philosothon UK competition. It gave us opportunity to think outside of the box and to create some exciting resources to stimulate thoughtful enquiry and critical thinking. Our Y12 students really rose to the challenge and engaged with a range of questions from ‘Do the wealthy have a moral obligation to assist the poor?’ to ‘Should animals have the same rights as humans?’ They facilitated their own enquiries admirably and the competitive edge ensured they gave it their all. Thank you Philosothon UK for organising such a fun event during these difficult times.

Philosothon Reviews

It was a pleasure to organise and run Bedford School’s first Philosothon. I throughly enjoyed seeing my students apply their philosophical knowledge outside of a classroom environment. For me, it only cemented the importance of fostering philosophical enquiry in our students, which will prepare them to make informed and reasoned decisions in later life. I am already looking forward to putting together a team for next year’s Philosothon!

Ms Wedad Rattab

Taking part in the annual Philosothon was an intellectually nourishing experience which challenged my thinking, analytical, and argumentative skills.


Taking part in this competition has been a FANTASTIC experience! We simply cannot wait until next year to enter again. We have gained a plethora of knowledge and more. A truly exhilarating event to be a part of!