The Mind Friends Podcast

Philosothon UK is launching an exciting new way to promote the benefits of Dialogue in schools.

Podcasting is exploding in popularity, not least among young people. So, in collaboration with Mind Friends, we are combining Well-Being with principles of High-Performance Learning. Unsurprisingly, the strap-line is “Think Well, Live Well”.

The Mind Friends Podcast is accessible in the usual ways and episodes will feature three components:

  • Regular, targeted meditations and exercises to transform the learning process.
  • Regular Dialogues with top academics on key aspects of the syllabus.
  • Opportunities for students and their teachers to record and submit their own dialogues for broadcast on the Mind Friends Podcast.
What are the benefits to schools?

  • Dynamic and fun way to practise Dialogue skills.
  • Ideal preparation for Philosothon competitions.
  • Unlocks High-Performance learning, especially for students who prefer verbal assessment.
  • Provides teachers with a different, more creative assessment tool (especially for the teacher-led assessments this year).
  • Listening back leads to additional learning and positive reinforcement.
  • Positive PR for schools (in a very popular medium).

To express an interest in recording an episode, either as teachers in dialogue or students in dialogue, please email Mark at [email protected]